Mr.Balagov Logo

芭樂狗先生開始於2010年,在宜蘭大學附近擺攤;他賣的是烏克蘭最富代表性的點心布里尼,發酵健康冷飲克瓦斯和手工冰淇淋。Mr. Balagov Cafe history started in 2010 as small vendor cart decorated and painted in traditional Ukrainian style. We were selling blini, kvass and home made ice cream near the corner of Yilan University. But idea about opening Ukrainian restaurant was born much erlier.

 Mr.Balagov or simply Sergei Balagov moved from Ukraine to New York, USA in 1991.
 He was in  the banking industry for quite a while but always wanted to have his own cafe or restaurant where he can cook Ukrainian/Eastern European dishes.



復興路二段168-1號, 宜蘭市, 26051
Sec 2, FuXing Rd. 168-1 Ilan, Taiwan, 26051